Shift Sector 1/2 Mile Racing Event in Abiline, TX

Had a fantastic time at the @shifts3ctor Texas Airstrip Attack this weekend! We had a very fast weekend with all of our cars that made it out.

David @dbpdallas and his RS2 Superleggera started off the weekend with a fantastic first run of 236.97 mph Saturday morning. With a new set of tires and a nice clean track, David was able to start back up right where he left off after the last event.

Sijin @the.sij started the morning off on Saturday with a nice 221.78 mph pass. As the weekend went on he kept ramping up the car all the way up to a 233, 235, and then his personal best in the car, an incredible 238.73 mph run on Sunday afternoon.

Zane @zalicious88 was able to pull together the 1st place trophy for the German class at his first race event ever on Saturday. His stock motor R8 ran only 200+ mph passes all day, ending with a 209.01 in the finals, taking home the win.

We also want to give a huge shoutout to all of our friends that help us every day. We could not do it without all of you. @igniteracefuel @gintani @dodsonmotorsport @xonarotor @precisionturbo @pfitznerperformancegearbox @wayneosan @boostedtv

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