5-Axis CNC Machining

In house 5 Axis CNC machining equipment allows us to prototype and quickly develop new parts and products.

We also take on client work for 5 Axis machining and small run general machining and design work.

We now offer 5 Axis cylinder head porting on our engine packages.  We are able to digitize a proven cylinder head or single new hand port for fast and precise production CNC machining.
Once we were able to digitize our own proven cylinder head ports for our engine packages, it allowed us to speed up production and also improve quality and consistency over hand porting.

We also offer a turn key private label package for shops looking to offer their customers a high quality CNC ported cylinder head with their own branding.
We can take your hand ported cylinder head and digitize it, make design changes and improvements, tool path and cut it all in house.
This process can be done in a week or two in most cases when needed.

We keep projects from stalling by being able to create anything on the spot.

Questions about our CNC Machining Services?